Um, well I guess it’s been a while…


I’m quite shocked to realise it’s been six months since I last blogged.  Time seems to have grown limbs and sprinted away far more quickly than I realised.  June has slipped into July and the school holidays are creeping ever closer and we’re already heading, slowly, into the dark half of the year.

I have been busy, very busy and all in a good way. 

Since January I’ve been leading the Worcester Writing Squad for Writing West Midlands, these squads are aimed at young writers, either 8-11 or 12-16 and take place for a couple of hours at the weekend for 10 sessions per year.  The Worcester session has about 14 very talented young writers aged 11 or younger.  For more information on Writing Squads see the Writing West Midlands Website:

I’ve also joined “In the Pink” a Dementia Poetry Project co-ordianted by the poet John Killick and the Courtyard Theatre in Hereford.  This is an incredibly humbling role, in which myself and 3 other poets visit care homes, nursing homes, hospitals and listen to patients and residents with dementia and write down their words (with their permission) then edit these words into poems.  We never add anything, just take words away which weaken the thread of the poem/s.

And finally…my poem The Merchant’s House has featured on Kidderminster-based Poet Heather Wastie’s blog, Weaving Yarns.  Heather is currently Poet in Residence for the Kidderminster Museum of Carpet.  Fellow Worcestershire Poetry Stanza Poet Kathy Gee also has poems featured.  My poem was inspired by Medieval dyeing methods.  Heather’s blog can be found here:

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