Poets in the Mist and other happenings…


It was a busy second half to October, the first Worcestershire Literary Walk taking place along part of the Malvern Hills, I was one of four poets reading, alongside Maggie Doyle, Math Jones and Liz Hayden-Smith.  The walk was organised and led by Polly and Geoff Robinson. I was based by Clutter’s Cave, ready to read to passing walkers.  It was an atmospheric setting for the whole walk, mist rolled over and around British Camp and a perfect reason to cloak-up for the occasion.


Photo: Sarah James

Later in the month I was in Walsall with Stewart Derry to run a couple of poetry writing workshops for the National Association of Gifted Children’s Big Family Weekend.  We looked at, amongst things, the senses and using them to create poetry maps and mind maps, using Autumn and Change as the two main starting points.  Poems and mind maps were laid together as individual pieces came together to create a larger piece.


…And then it was Samhain, Summer’s End.  A time for releasing and when the veil between the two worlds it at its most porous.  And a time for dressed up children to go trick and treating, fortunately this year the night fell in half-term so a later bedtime didn’t matter.  Even vampires and skeletons need some sleep…


The witchery and trickery didn’t stop there as the next day fellow poet Sarah James and I were off to Worcester, ready to spend a morning in The Oxfam Book and Music shop conjouring some magic with words and writing workshops for children, and yes, it was a perfect excuse to cloak-up, again.


Photo Amanda Bonnick/Sarah James

The Worcester Evening News called by to join in the fun and took a photo too:


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