…and now for part two:


July saw the mayhem of the start of the school holidays, and the first of three trips to Polesworth Abbey in Tamworth, I was due to lead a poetry workshop there in early-August based around the archaeological dig which was taking place on site.  My first visit was a research day where I met both Mal Dewhirst who was co-ordinating the Dig the Poetry events and Father Philip who was the Vicar at St Editha, and very enthusiastic about the Abbey and the Dig.  I was fortunate to be on site when sixteen medieval floortiles were discovered in-situ, they were a stunning discovery and I watched as they were carefully unearthed.

Medieval floortiles @ Polesworth Abbey, Tamworth

My workshop was early-August and was called All to often we see only with our eyes, in which I wanted to explore the senses other than sight, this included asking people to touch the earth and “look” at their surroundings using touch, sound, smell etc.

Dig the Abbey

I returned to Polesworth Abbey in early-September as part of their heritage day to celebrate both the Abbey and end of the Archaeological Dig. There was a site tour, followed by poetry read by the guest poets and poets who took part in the series of workshops, including Mal Dewhirst, Maeve Clark, Jo Bell, Gary Carr, David Calcutt and Gary Longden. There were also displays of the poetry and artwork in the refectory.

The Poetry Display

Some of the poems written by poets who attended my workshop.

A closer-up view:

It was a wonderful afternoon with good weather and good poetry in a stunning setting.

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