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Return of the Light


The shortest day has passed, and in time the light will strengthen, though it still holds its breath for a while.  The skies were clear (ish) for the sunrise yesterday but today the skies are dark, and full of rain, brooding on what might the year ahead bring.

Winter Solstice Sunrise

Winter Solstice Sunrise from Ankerdine Hill

I’ve not been writing much, the words are there though, phrases make themselves known before retreating to my subconsious, waiting for Spring.  Instead I’ve been revising oldish poems and making my first attempts in to PoetryFilm.  I’ve created three shorts so far, inspired mainly by having the right photographs to illustrate them.  My efforts can be seen on You Tube:

Midwinter wishes to everyone for a warm festive season and creative inspirations for 2012.


Be: Magazine Issue 3 Poetry Themed Submissions now open:


Worcestershire Literary Festival Be: magazine – issue 3 poetry theme

In addition to our constantly open poetry submissions, we have one
poetry theme for the third print issue of Be: (due out early April 2012).

All poetry submissions should be 40 lines maximum and previously
unpublished. The usual submission guidelines and methods apply .

Theme: Myth and Fairytales

We want to read your poems inspired by Myth and Fairytale. Be: that a
revised telling for today, or something new? From talking Greek to Olde
English; Politically correct or dark-edged, from James Finn Garner to
Angela Carter, or explore the inner-workings of this spell-binding
subject, we look forward to reading your submissions. Set your
imagination free.

We are open to submissions for the themed poetry slots until January 20
(Friday) – and if submitting for these, please mark your submission as
themed Myth and Fairytale.

How to submit details are on the website:


November, November…


Okay, I know we’re now into December, but November has been quite an active 30 days or so.   The mildish weather has still brought mist, and with that a layer of introspection which fits with the reflection and regeneration that goes with this time of year.   The clocks have been in retreat for a month now which brings shorter days of a sort, despite the total hours remaining the same.  The light and the skies can be wonderful when the sun makes an appearance.

November Sky

November also saw the first print version of Be: Magazine which is the official magazine of the Worcestershire Literary Festival.  It’s been out for a month now and has had fantastic feedback on its appearance and content.  The next issue is due in early-February.

Submissions for open/unthemed poetry are ongoing, and the theme for Issue 3 will be announced shortly.  For more informtion visit: