Monthly Archives: October 2011

Summer’s End


The year is swiftly dissolving, the veils have thinned and become porous. The time for reflection and regeneration is approaching. The local rooks have been making their presence felt as they watch the land locking itself up for winter. They were sadly culled earlier in the year and were for a time much depleted, but their numbers have now increased and they are striking against the cold-blue evening skies at this time as they prepare to roost.

Corvids also made an appearance on BBC2’s Autumnwatch Unsprung, with a guide to Corvids, and how to tell the differences between rooks, ravens, jackdaws and crows.  A raven and carrion crow were also in the studio.

The change in season has seen the reappearance of many fungi, including one of my favourites from childhood, the Shaggy Ink Cap.  I often collect some of these when they begin to decay, dropping their ink, which I later use.

Nature always has her own way of doing things.  Autumn’s low-slung light dips between trees and the landscape, holding on to the remaining leaves and their colours of pumpkin and spice. 

And it’s Samhain tomorrow, my children are excited with a party to look forward to, followed by trick-or-treating on the way home.  We’ve got the pumpkin and it’s carved, only in the daylight it has an uncanny resemblance to Spud the Scarecrow from Bob the Builder, not that they mind too much…

Happy Samhain!