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February fun – poetically of course


It’s been a busy month so far, despite February being the shortest month it more than makes its presence known.  Snowdrops are out and Catkins are abundant and Spring is getting ever closer.

My daughter and I visited a local Farmers’ market where she was very taken with cup-cakes, mainly due to the sweets that had been used to decorate them.

There have ben many poetry events taking place in February: Parole Parlate took place on 4th February at Little Venice, Worcester.  Parole Parlate takes place on the first Thursday of every month and is run by the Worcestershire Literary Festival in conjuction with Apples and Snakes.  Many talented local performers took part including John Lawrence, Ruth Stacey and Tony Judge..  Slots have to be signed up for beforehand.   The guest poet was Raymond Antrobus – check him out here:

The next Parole parlate is on Thursday 3rd March.  For more details and to book visit:

The first Word and Sound of 2011 took place on 12th February at its spiritual home, the intimate Cellar Bar at Worcester Arts Workshop. The theme given its closeness to Valentines Day was Heart-felt Words.

The Word and Sound has a mix of spoken word and acoustic music slots of up to ten minutes.  Unlike Parole Parlate it’s sign-up on the night so there is the unknown quantity of not knowing who will actually be performing until the night.

For more information on The Word and Sound check out their new blog:

And yet more poetry today!  Learn: Eat Perform took place at Worcester Arts Workshop with guest poet Aoife Mannix:  This takes the form of inspiring poetry writing exercises in the morning, today’s were particularly liberating to the imagination with the creation of the ultimate party outfit to attend a ball on Venus.

Learn: Eat: Perform is also run by The Worcestershire Literary Festival.  The next one is due to take place on 20th March with guest poet Lucy English.  £6 in advance or £7 on the door, for more information visit the Worcestershire Literary Festival’s website:

Unfortunately, I’ve not managed as much writing as I’d like, and I still have a sestina to finish, a poetic challenge from a friend.  Best get writing.

a stream of stones…


The River of Stones project may have finished for now, but the writing continues. This poem is made up of small stones, some published as part of the River of Stones project:


Winter trees

from a distance

have the picture of open minds.

Their thinking is exposed.

Crow-black branches hide their age.

The sky tastes of salt,

softens my tongue.

The wind is full of voices

which cannot hear me.

The trees are naked.

Their flesh burns well.

Bloodless.  Bark-ridged skin

reminds the wound

of its purpose.  The wind rushes

and pushes against me.

The trees shake their heads

unsure what to say.

Jenny Hope

February 2011