Monthly Archives: January 2011

Words and Woods


My daughter (4 going on 14) is learning to read at the moment.  It’s been odd looking closely at each individual word as I sit with her as she sounds the letters.  Some familiar words suddenly look strange and incorrect, yet when read another time as part of a sentence they lose this oddness.

It’s been a busy week.  Wednesday evening was spent in the company of friends in Kings Heath, Birmingham, watching wonderful locally based storytellers including Katrice Horsley ( Katrice performed The Devil, The Maiden and The Crow, and held the audience enthralled for an hour with an incredible one-woman show.  It was a wonderfully hypnotic evening, made even more atmospheric with a ripe moon watching over us as we journeyed there and back.

There has also been some much needed time with trees.  This afternoon was spent in the Wyre Forest.  The trees are more open with their thinking at this time of year.  Mind you they’re probably concerned about the government’s proposals to sell off publically owned woodland : – concerned?  Please sign the Woodland Trust’s petition: