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Besom Buddies


It’s been a busy October in one way, shape or form.  The beginning of the month saw National Poetry Day on Thursday 7th October, with the theme of “Home,” this was combined with World Mental Health Day at a local University with a joint event I took part in.  The theme of “Home” was used to acknowledge the fact many students are living away from home for the first time.  Besides information stalls, there was an interactive wall where staff, students and visitors could write their thoughts of home on Post-it notes to use as bricks to build a home. 


With Hallowe’en/Samhain fast approaching The Bean and I visited some local woods for an Autumn walk and for a twig hunt as she wanted to make her own broomstick.  We went for twigs as opposed to the official brushwood and with some help from Google we managed to fashion together a broom.

There’s also been some time for poetry, with another wonderful Word and Sound at Worcester Arts Workshop, with many performers taking a Hallowe’en theme.  The next Word and Sound is the 17th December.

And with Hallowe’en this weekend we’ve been having fun finalising preparations, a few decorations, carving a pumpkin, and the Bean getting dressed up for an evening’s trick-or-treating with some friends from school.

And the year turns onward…

National Poetry Day 2010


Today is National Poetry Day, this year’s theme is Home.


You move on.
You pack your life, fold it down.
It cuts your fingers. Your room

is three sizes too small and stills your breath.
The cold distance of miles keep tugging
you back, stops you from tuning into new voices.
Your past re-enters as the door yawns
open. One day your old skin won’t fit.

This will happen.

One day your skin won’t fit. Your past
re-enters as the door yawns open.
Stops you tuning into voices. The cold distance
of miles still tug you back. Your room

is three sizes too small and stills your breath.
It cuts your fingers.
You repack your life. Fold it down.
You move on.




Jenny Hope

October 2010


For National Poetry Day and World Mental Health Day 2010

recognising the fact many university students will be living

away from home for the first time.