Monthly Archives: April 2010

A poorly fly


A sickness bug is trying to invade our house, two of us are hoping we don’t go down with it…mind you my daughter’s been telling her friends that her daddy’s swallowed a sick fly.

I went to Ledbury on Saturday and met up with poetry loving friends for an excellent poetry workshop led by Jacqui Rowe and Meredith Andrea, called the Spirit of the Place.  This involved an hour wandering around Ledbury and looking/hearing/smelling/touching and working our findings into poems.  Ledbury is a wonderful town, not just because of its wonderful Poetry Festival, but also because it has a sense of its own time with so many wonderful buildings and almost secret passages.  Time does seem to slow down in Ledbury.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet few days, apart from the mug tree I bought from Wilkinsons to funk up the green kitchen.  Unfortunately as soon as you put one mug on it, it topples over, which defeats the object.  Who’d have thought they could have missed something so obvious?

St George and all that.


Happy St George’s Day!

A quiet day theme-wise, no dragons or anything related.  We’ve just been enjoying the sun, despite one of the children being way under the weather.  My daughter’s been developing her artistic side with a series of collages using leaves, twigs, acorns and various other natural materials.  We’ve now got plenty of new artwork for the kitchen.

Hope everyone else has been enjoying the weather too.

Spring greens


The good weather this weekend made the house seem dull, in particular the kitchen due to it being north-facing so a paint job seemed like a good idea.  The existing red felt draining.  A couple of hours in Homebase later and green paint won the day.  It’s called Pea Pod and is a similar colour to my down-sized handbag and quite appropriate for spring.  i miss the red but a change is as good as a rest.  Hopefully the change might prove inspiring.

It’s English but not as we know it.


An interesting week.  We had a staff training day at work with part of the day focussing on International Students and we had very useful feedback from several students.  One point was how spoken native Engligh varies from taught English as learnt by many international students.  I guess this is also applicable to other languages.

At one stage we were given ten phrases written as spoken by native English speakers.  I’ve listed a few below:

1) She arse meter ge tin touch.

2) It’s a nudist play ov our resources.

3) Dew were card?

4) I know how wheezy i tis to loo sit.

5) Cuj jew say yit again?

And I bet we all do it, even if we think we don’t.

Answers next time.