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Back to the Egg


Okay, I admit it’s not a recent photo, but it is genuine.

Pic by Val Chapman

It’s actually from the 21st March 2003, and I wanted to find a copy of the picture before blogging.  We’d read about the egg balancing on it’s point on the Equinox and after finding the required (raw) egg we spent an interesting lunch-break testing the theory.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, but sometimes you’ve just got to give it a try.

Equinox – a time of balance


It’s the first day of spring, officially, though it’s been starting to make it’s presence felt over the past few weeks albeit in between all the shockingly bad weather.  It’s also the Vernal/Spring Equinox this weekend, a time when day and night are equal in length and then the days are officially longer than the nights – yippee! It seems to have been a long time coming this year.

I went to a wonderful Poetry Workshop yesterday at Ledbury, home of the wonderful Poetry Festival, and the workshop was run in conjuction with the Festival and the workshop leaders were Jacqui Rowe and Meredith Andrea, the workshop was called, No Ideas but in Things and proved very inspirational and I came away with fresh ideas and perspectives on poetry and methods for moving my work forward.  There is a second workshop on 24th April called The Spirit of the Place, which will involve a poetic-type treasure hunt round Ledbury.  For more info contact Ledbury Poetry Festival: price is excellent value at £10 and includes cake.

Going back to Spring, three of my poems have been included in a local anthology from the Chase Technology College, Malvern, called Spring Chase-ing Words, and it also includes poems from other local poets including Angela France, Alison Brackenbury, Peter Wyton, Don Barnard, Sarah James and Ruth Gartland.  It’s good value and £5 plus minimal postage, and buying it will support three enterprising local students in a National Business Competition.  There’s a Facebook page:!/pages/Spring-Chase-ing-Words-Poem-Anthology-book/369945567686?ref=ts  Perfect for Spring.

Incidentally, the Equinox being a time of balance is when theoretically you can balance an egg on it’s point.  Hmmmm.

Pack and Roll


It’s been a busy couple of weeks, both children have fallen foul of the sickness bug that seems to be going around in a virtual loop at the moment, hopefully they’ve seen the back of it now.

This morning was taken up with a visit to Sainsburys’ for a few odds and sods, where they had packers raising money for the Prince’s Trust, (not Sport Relief) which is all very well but I just wish they would have a little on the job training before they’re let loose on customers’ shopping.  It’s churlish not to let them pack but when they’re putting cans in with soft bread, raw fish in with fruit and household cleaners in with whatever it gets a little, well, frustrating.  A five minute do and don’t before they start would work wonders I’m sure.

Poetrywise  few ideas are circulating and will hopefully find themsleves duly explored and written down before too long.

A busy weekend and then some


It’s been a fantastic weekend, I’ve been taking part in Droitwich Spa’s second Arts 4 All event at the Norbury Theatre, Droitwich.  It was a hugely successful free event with music, poetry, art and much, much more.  I read from Petrolhead (Oversteps Books) and Sarah James also read from her forthcoming collection, In to the Yell, (Circaidy Gregory)

Petrolhead also had it’s official launch complete with an official display stand.  I had plenty of help from my two young helpers especially with the sticking aspects, though my daughter wasn’t feeling 100% at the time.

The Official Stand

All in all it was a fantastic event and we’re all looking forward to the next one.

However, the rest of the weekend wasn’t quite so productive, mainly due to a dodgy internet connection which decided to go down and take the telephone connection with it.  It’s quite alarming just how much you can come to rely or even expect the internet to be there, when you want it.  In fact I was reading recently that some countries, Finland for one, have altered their constitution to add that the Internet is a basic human right.