Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Clutter


On the final countdown to Christmas and things are starting to stack up so writing has taken not so much a back seat but more shoved in the boot.  Any remotely creative thought has seemingly frozen along with the weather but hopefully come the new year or even between Christmas and the New Year the muse might return.  Do many people get a creative slow down at this time or find their creativity hibernates?


Blog and Roll


I seem to be writing children’s poetry these days as opposed to adults, which is fine by me.  I get so frustrated when some people look down on children’s literature as being of lesser importance than adults literature – why?  Personally I think children’s literature is MORE important than adults literature.  Afterall if someone doesn’t get into reading from an early age then it’s a constant uphill struggle.  And books are an education in themselves.

Two tired children and two and a half weeks to go…


We put the Christmas tree and the decorations up today, and the whole excitement of the day has resulted in one extremely overtired three-almost-four year-old with a shattered 19 month old who decided he wouldn’t have a nap today as he had a lie-in this morning.  Needless to say these two children have two shattered parents.  We’ve omitted the tree lights this year as our 19 month old has a thing about electricity sockets.  I’ve also written a brief poem on Christmas excitement which seems to be a hit with my daughter.  She’s started reciting it as the mood takes her.  We’ve also had an interesting week with odd happenings which might or might not result in a poem; which made me wonder, what’s the oddest thing or event that has inspired a poem.  Whilst I muse on that, I might start drafting my own.

December and all that…


I can’t believe it’s December, 24 days until the big day and the children are getting so excited.  We’ve been singing Christmas songs and I’ve been working on a poem for our daughter’s pre-school Christmas performance; she’s already starting to get the feel of it so she’ll have a head start!  At last I’ve written something!  Now, when was the Guardian submission date…