Monthly Archives: November 2009

Clearing out clutter


I spent a useful couple of hours yesterday clearing out clothes that I know I wouldn’t wear again, some due to figure changes due to mum-hood and others due to reaching another decade, so these’ll be off to the charity shop next week.  But interestingly books are another matter entirely, I’ve acquired a few books here and there and despite having read them I just couldn’t part with them, there’s a sense of security being surrounded by books and their knowledge.


Poetry to order


It’s my dad’s birthday today, and interestingly the latest Guardian On-line Poetry Workshop is on fathers: – It seems the perfect opportunity to start trying to write a poem but I nearly always find that I can’t come up with anything during a workshop but get a flash of inspiration a month or so later.  This one wants submissions by 2nd December so that’s a week but I’ll probably not have anything up to much by then.  Is this a common thing or are others inspired to write huge amounts during workshops?

still no writing..


but in my defence I’ve been editing poems in readiness for the new year and drafting text for my website, which I suppose is writing although not poetry.  I do have several jotted down ideas but that’s as far as they go at the moment.  Other than that, I’ve been musing on much of what I heard at the Writer’s Toolkit on Saturday, in particular the opening session by Mary Cutler who script writes for The Archers.  She gave a very interesting talk on the locality of writing and how you don’t have to leave your area to produce stunning work; there seems to be a school of thought that unless you’ve moved around then you’re not as fulfilled (for want of a be.tter word) as someone who’s travelled around the world and sometimes looked down on by them.  Regardless of where you go to, everything eventually becomes the familiar, unless you’re someone constantly on the move of course.

Writer’s Toolkit


I’ve had a fantastic time at the Writer’s toolkit in Birmingham today; very inspiring and full of useful information.  Some wonderful speakers and panelists on such topics as Promoting Poetry; Writing for and With Young People; Writing in the Community, I could go on, and fantastic value for money at under £30.00 and it was a sell-out.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s toolkit.

What next?


I had delivery of Eleanor Rees’ new book today, Eliza and the Bear, and it’s wonderful!  I loved her first collection Andraste’s Hair but I think this is even better.

I’m also due to go to the Writer’s Toolkit in Birmingham this weekend, which I’m looking forward to!  Hopefully I’ll come back full of inspiration.

A busy weekend


but not over productive on the writing front. Spent a happy couple of hours on the bouncy castle at a 4th birthday party on Saturday and today was spent in Worcester buying Christmas presents for our two little ones, I hate leaving it until the last minute as things always sell out. I did pop into Waterstones and take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer, well, it would be rude not to! A few bits and pieces to resolve this coming week and then hopefully back to doing some writing.

Busy doing workshops


A busy day for Poetrymaker! I’ve spent a wonderful day in Redditch running a couple of poetry workshops in a school for year 7 students on the theme of “Family and Culture.” The students were fantastic and well-focussed and they wrote some inspiring and insightful poems. Some should be going on display in a local libray soon so watch this space!